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Graphical Representation of Wilson Bentley's Work
Comments on Wilson Bentley's Work as Portrayed in Seven Figures by Duncan C. Blanchard


We have included a number of articles by and about Wilson Bentley and links to other snowflake related websites including a number of educational resources related to snowflakes.

This resources page also presents frequently asked question we have received from visitors and answers or links to where you can find out more information.

Bentley removing emulsion from a glass plate


The Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley

   Article Collection

Bentley wrote and published over 60 articles,
here is a sampling of writings by Bentley and other articles about the
Snowflake man.

Photographing Snowflakes.

Bentley, W. A. (1922). Popular Mechanics Magazine, Vol. 37, 309-312.

Snow Beauties

by Wilson A. Bentley. This article appeared in the "History Of Jericho" Volume 1 (1763 -1916).
It had previously appeared in Technical World 1910.

Wilson Bentley, the Snowflake Man

Blanchard, Duncan C. (1970). . Weatherwise, 23(6), 260-269.

The Snowflake Man

The American Magazine, February 1925 by Mary B. Mullet
Interview with Wilson Bentley at his home in Jericho.


   Books about Bentley   

The Snowflake Man: A biography of Wilson A. Bentley

Blanchard, Duncan C. (1998). . McDonald & Woodward Publishing Co., Blacksburg, Virginia.

Snowflake Bentley

Briggs Martin, Jacqueline (1998).. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, Massachusetts.



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    Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

    Where can I find more information about Wilson Bentley?

    This web site offers a wealth of information about Bentley's life and work. By going to the articles section, you will find a number of articles by and about Bentley. Published in 1998, the book The Snowflake Man, by Duncan Blanchard, is the quintessential biography of Bentley. An interactive look into Bentley's snowflakes and life's work can be found on the Wilson Bentley Digital Archives CD-ROM.

    How did Bentley photograph snowflakes? In his article, Photographing Snowflakes, Bentley describes the process.

    What type of camera did he use? Bentley used a bellows camera to which he adapted a compound microscope. He describes the camera and microscope in one of his articles. Bentley's original camera is on display at the Snowflake Bentley Exhibit at the Old Red Mill in Jericho.

    Does this web site offer reproductions of Bentley's snowflakes? Yes. Go to our Gift Shop for a selection of Bentley snowflake prints and collectibles made by Vermont Snowflakes, the officially authorized company of the Jericho Historical Society. You will also find Bentley related books as well as an interactive CD-ROM.