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Posted by James Benko on January 11, 19100 at 13:10:53:

Received CD-Rom last week. Delighted with it. Liked the streaming video portion and the old song audio. Also liked original articles, newsclips, etc. I have purchased the Dover paperback reprint of Bentley's book and am happy to have a CD-Rom version of some of his flakes.
I feel akin to Bentley because I have also studied snowflakes as an amatuer microscopists for about 25 years and have accumulated photos and slides numbering in the thousands. I am attempting to put these onto a CD-Rom of my own and was intriqued with the format/outline for your CD-Rom. I have already gotten 200 on a Zip disk that eventually will go onto a CD. I was wondering if you could offer any pointers on your choice of format and what internal program is being used on the CD-Rom to image the pictures. From just getting started on my project, I know the effort that must have been expended on your project so far in getting the images cataloged and organized. I am having difficulty finding enough time of my own to get my project moving. The more time I spend on it, the less I can spend outdoors getting more snowflakes. Can't wait for the next installment of your next CD. Keep up the good work.
Jim Benko

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