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Posted by Raymond Del Colle on July 14, 1999 at 10:01:20:

I teach Chemistry at Bellows Falls Union High School, in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Each year just after New Year's Day I lead my class in a Snowflake Appreciation Lesson. I have prepared an attractive and engaging set of transparencies to use in my classroom. I have collected three video resources about snowflakes and at least two of them mention Snowflake Bentley...I have some handouts for my students with snowflake resources collected & collated from a variety of other resources...some cartoons from past media...We learn the different kinds of sowflakes, how snowflakes form...how they age...I read aloud a story related to Snowflakes...we have a snowflake identification "group response quiz"...We discover an anology between ourselves and snowflakes...Each one is different and unique...and yet, most have many similarities...symmetry...number of sides...and seizes...And then the students cut-out one of many different snowflake designs and hang them from the ceiling. They write some thoughts on the snowflakes they hang to make the lesson personal and meaningful. This is a beautiful, powerful lesson that makes a difference.

This has all been for my personal use in my own classroom...I would love to share it with other teachers and the Bentley Museum...however, I am concerned about copyright violation...I would need some help in this area...Copyright laws need to be very compassionate for teachers...

It would be great if the Bentley CD-Rom can be "teacher friendly"...I would love to be able to share the resources on the CD-Rom with my students...Is their a print option for photos, graphics and text? Can any of the graphics, photos or text be imported to a wordprocessor to be included in handouts for my students. Up to now I have been "cutting photostats and pasting them" to make my studyguides & handouts; this method is cumbersome. This is all in an effort to make attractive, engaging, meaningful lessons for my students...make the CD-Rom useful for teachers in any subject and any grade level...

This year one of my former chemistry students gave a presentation about Snowflake Bentley in her social studies class after haveing been inspired by the Snowflake Bentley lesson she participated in when in Chemistry. A parent of one of my Chemistry students teaches art in our school district...she was inspired by her son's snowflake lesson to develop a snowflake lesson in her art classes.

The CD-Rom may have an extensive Snowflake Bibliography of other snowflake resources not just Bentley...Simulation of how snowflakes form...and "Modern scanning Electron Tunneling Microscopic(?)" photos of snowflakes...These are available on the internet...Snowflake Poems...Snowflakes in literature...There is a family in Alaska that has a nice snowflake resource web page...

Thanks for sharing Bentley's Resources...

Ray Del Colle
Chemistry Teacher
Bellows Falls Union High School

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