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Posted by Pawolf on July 30, 1999 at 14:16:12:

Here are some tips for the WBDA CD-ROM.

1) The first time you load the CD it looks to see if you have Loaded the CD before, then the opening screen gives you two choices, 1) Run from CD or 2) Install to Hard Drive. If you choose to run from the CD it will start the presentation directly from the cd each time the CD is inserted into the drive.

If you choose to install to hard drive you will be given the option to install shortcuts on you desktop and in your program section of the "Start" menu and to start the presentation after installation. Once the presentation is installed the CD still must be in the first CD-ROM drive to access images and other media required by the program, but the program will run considerably faster,( although taking up 16 mb. of disk space. After installing to hard drive CD will no longer automaticly start when inserted into CD-ROM drive and program should be started from the shortcut on the desktop or from the start menu. If cd is not in drive a warning will appear on the opening screen.

If you want to install to hard drive at a later date, or to run from CD after installing to HD, delete file wbda.txt from your c: drive root directory, reinsert CD-ROM and choose option 1 or 2.

2) Right click on most pages brings up a floating menu that can be moved around the screen.

3)If you use an Internet Service Provider that does not automaticly launch your browser and connection when a URL is run (such as AOL or Compuserve), mnimize the WBDA pregram and start your Internet connection before trying to access from the Presentation.

4) The Film clip of Bentley at work runs about 3.5 minutes.

Enjoy the CD and we look forward to everyones feedback.

Peter Wolf

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