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Ongoing visitor comments

It is a pleasure to share the many delightful comments we receive from visitors to the Bentley website:

Hi, Just wanted to tell you, you have a great site. We lived in Vermont (Westminster) until three years ago and have always loved the Bentley book on snowflakes. Now that I can't be in Vermont anymore I can look at your site and enjoy the snowflakes once again. I don't know how long your site has been up but I'm glad I finally found it. You made my day! Thanks,

Thank you for an excellent Web site.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

I teach at Vail Continuation High School in the greater East Los Angeles area... Montebello, California. I am so excited about your website and your commitment to ol' Willie Snowflake Bently!!!! I use his biography to inspire my students to persue their "bliss" as Joseph Campbell stated... "Follow Your Bliss" is his famous quotation. ... Presently, we cut snowflakes in "Willie's" honor... I use protractors and precise measurements to try and duplicate the art of nature... it's my most favorite time of year. Let me know what else I can do to support your efforts... we can write some copy if need it for your newsletter... I can send you more details of our program to post on your site...and digital photos too... perhaps the contest winners... I have a rubric to judge snowflakes, and we pick the best cutters... I guess you can call it the "Bently Award" too fun!!!!

November 29, 2000, Jasmine Kazarian

Wow this website on Bently is pretty interesting. I am like in love with snowflakes and am so facinated by how beautiful they are and can be. Each having their own spectacular design, they can be so interesting. .... Last year for a project we had to make a book of poetry and one of poems I did was on snowflakes and it turned out to be very good, poetry is one of my other interests. Well just thought I'd tell you how much I like the idea of studying snowflakes, thank you. Sincerely,

Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Mimi Green, 13, RI

Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!! I am the Meteorologist in charge at WIXT TV in Syracuse, New York. I recently received a wonderful gift from a friend of mine that passed away in January 1999. It's an original 1931 Bently Book. I love it. Can't get enough of this stuff. Being near the Great Lakes, Dentritic flakes are a way of life here.

November 1, 2000, Dave Eichorn

I really like your website! I hope to expand my unit using Snowflake Bentley to include having my students work with your website.

10 Oct., 2000, Mondovi Public Schools

I am a fourth grade teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. I have used the Snowflake Bentley book with my students while studying weather with them for the last several years. I just ordered the book of snowflake specimens from your website. Coincidentally, my maiden name is Bentley and my family is from upstate New York. My dad bears a striking resemblance to Wilson Bentley, and I believe that they may be related. Do you have any information on Wilson's family tree. My dad has done his and it reaches into Vermont and Rhode Island. I would be very interested in any information you might be able to give me.

27 Sep 2000, Orangewood School

Beautiful website!

September 18, 2000, Abigail Allard Fri, 01 Dec 2000 , Marilyn Graves


Thanks for helping me locate the Bentley prints. I've ordered several from the site you referred me to(Vermont Snowflakes). Best wishes,

14 Sep 2000,Alicia Volk

I noticed Dorothy Wallace-Senft's comments on this page. I've been trying to find her whereabouts for sometime. Dorothy -- if you read this, please send me a message!

Martin Cipollini

Hello, I am a geomorphlogist. I work on avalanche in General Directorate of Disaster Affairs in Turkey to mitigate avalanche effects with famous snow and avalanche research institutes (Cemagref and Sfisar). So, Me and our avalanche team interest all structures in the World about ski resorts, avalanche potentials and types. We collect the books, maps, brochures, articles etc. about natural beauties, historical goods, etc. also about ski resorts in your beutiful country in both in french and english (because of we study in both languages) So, We wonder also, all those things about USA. We may come to there. Who knows? Can you find something ? Could you sent? Thank you for your interest. Warm regards,

8 Aug 2000, Avalanche Team,General Directorate Disaster Affairs/Ankara-TURKEY,Necdet SEYFE

Dear Friends: I was the principal at Jericho High School in Jericho Center from l958 to 1961. I was a most wonderful experience for me and my family. I would enjoy hearing from the graduates of that era. P.S. We lived in a house next door to Snowflake Bentley

August 7, 2000, Donald B. Conrad email

I want to thanks you for your web page about snow flakes. Being a teacher (A course called Mathematical Art with Computers) I find the pictures useful and inspirational. Thanks again, --

5 Jul 2000, Dani Novak, Ithaca College

This is a great site! I'm a teacher and just read a book to my class today about Wilson Bentley. It was very interesting to the children! If you have any other free information on this man, could you send it to me?

14 Oct 1999, Georgia Paris

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I am a software engineer working in InVision visualization lab at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. We are undertaking production of a short educational video under the direction of Dr. Dorothy Hall, a snow researcher from the Hydrological Sciences Branch. The purpose of the video is to show why scientists study snow and ice and how their studies benefit society as a whole.

One case study on the video will discuss snow crystals and the early work done by Wilson Bentley. Could we obtain any of images of Wilson Bentley and his snow crystals for inclusion in our production? What cost will be associated with obtaining your images for use in this non-profit, educational video production? I'd appreciate any information you could provide for me in this regard.

13 Oct 1999, Cindy Starr

What a beautiful website. The snowflake photographs are exquisite. It shows how each tiny particle of life is lovely and magical.

13 Oct 1999, Jennifer Q. Olszewski

Your site is absolutely amazing and the pictures of the snowflake were fabulous. I was looking for reference pictures all night for a class project that I'm working on. Thank you very much for putting time into this site.

28 Sep 1999, Barry Mlodossich

Beautiful images. I'm taking a photomicrography class and would love to learn how he made those photographs!

18 Sep 1999, Daniella Scalice

I like your website that you made for kids like me. I have a brother. My mom and dad are nice.

14 Sept 1999, Aundrea Chaplin

I enjoyed your display very much. I can remember when I was in college a math professor saying the snowflake was the most difficult subject to model mathematically. I was just wondering - has anyone in your organization ever seen or heard of a program which generates snowflakes?

I hope you can think of any rumors or leads on this most fascinating subject.

8 Sept 1999, John Grafrath

I have enjoyed looking at these delightful snowflakes for some time. These pictures are more important to me now that we have moved to a non-snow climate. It just occurred to me that Bentley might be surprised to find out his popularity now that we can "see" his work on line.

It's priceless. Thank you for your efforts. And yes, I would love to read "Snow Crystals."

28 Aug 1999, Susan Scott

I enjoyed very much viewing the Bentley snowflake photographs. Growing up in northern Alberta, Canada, snowflakes were very much a part of our lives. This was especially so in the Christmas season as you will see if you visit my website called "Dave's Snowflake Page."

21 Aug 1999, Dave Stredulinsky

Hello my name is Brian Richard Bentley. I am related to Snowflake Wilson Bentley thru my fathers side of the family. Please send me any info on Snow Flake Wilson Bentley.

21 Aug 1999, Brian Richard Bentley

I'm so glad to see this site on the web. I just recently came into knowledge of our family tree and found out Wilson Bentley is my great uncle. My grandfather was Archel Bentley. It is interesting to see others related to Bentley have found this web site also. I will definitely be making a trip to Jericho to see the museum and I would also love to receive the newsletter. Thanks! Meriden, CT

21 Aug 1999, Brenda Skonieczny

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I am a teacher's aid in an elementary school in Indiana. The class is made up of children with emotional handicaps. We try to find special days to share with them. One of the days we are planning is "Snow Day." Is it possible for you to send us some information on Snowflake Bentley? Maybe some of your brochures or other information?

I recently purchased a children's book titled "Snowflake Bentley" written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. What a fabulous book with adorable pictures!! Just thought maybe you could sell it at the Old Mill as a way to raise funds. It sure is a nice book... I used to live on Foothills Drive off of Raceway in Underhill and that book sure brought back memories....

15 Aug 1999, Patti Whisman

My students and I enjoyed your website so much last winter after reading the new Caldecott winner Snowflake Bentley. Your web site is beautiful.

We live in an area of the country that does not receive very much snowfall. When the weatherman predicts snow here, everyone gets very excited. The students were amazed when we used a tape measure to measure 125" on a wall in the media center - the average amount of snowfall in your town. P.W. Moore Elementary, Elizabeth City, NC.

14 Aug 1999, Kathryn Blades

I am looking forward to using Snowflake Bentley with students at my school this winter. We are located in Santa Monica, California and do not have the experience of snow. Thank you for making the snowflakes available for printing.

5 Aug 1999, Linda Friedman

Hi, am so glad to subscribe!!

I Love snowflakes, though I am not outdoorsy, a gentle snowstorm with large flakes can send me outside with a piece of dark velvet and magnifying glass. It is great to think that Snowflake Bently lived not far from here. I think that the photos are just timeless as well as beautiful. Jericho, VT.

It makes me in awe of what God forms.

4 Aug 1999, Grace Brunelle

I am a granddaughter of Agnes (Bentley) Whittemore. My father (Kenneth) was interested in photography and reproduced many of the snowflake pictures from the original plates, which I believe were later donated to the museum by my Uncle Ralph Whittemore. I have several of the photographs my father made. As a matter of fact for Christmas this last year I had some of them copies and matted to give to my sister and my daughter. My daughter visited the museum last summer and I hope to visit some time this year. I would very much like to receive the Bentley newsletter "Snow Crystals." My sister (Diane Williams in Justin, Texas) sent me a copy of the most recent newsletter...I didn't even know it existed!

15 Jul 1999, Claudia Milette

I am writing an article that focuses upon the technique that Mr. Bentley developed and used to measure raindrops. While the history is interesting and important, the focus is upon using the approach to measure the size of drops as part of school science curricula. We will gladly share a copy of the article with your organization when it is published.

15 Jul 1999, Thomas E. McDuffie, EdD

Very beautiful, well presented. We need more web sites like this. LCB Australia.

9 Jul 1999, Len Borrow

I just ordered and received "Snow Crystals" Mr. Bentley's book. I am an avid fan of the writings of Edwin Way Teale, the naturalist, and in his book "Wandering Thur Winter" one of four in the American Seasons Series Mr. Teale told the story of Mr. Bentley and his work. As Mr. Teale left the farm where Mr. Bentley did his work Mr. Teale commented that the state of Vermont should recognize his work with snow crystals. I am glad to learn this has been done.

This is a very enjoyable site that I highly recommend, and enjoyed very much. I would like to see the exhibit sometime.

4 Jul 1999, Dick Ratliff

Please send me information when the CD is available! BEAUTIFUL photos! The Lord sure is creative!

3 Jul 1999, Jeremy Hanson

We are educators for the DeKalb School District at Lincoln Elementary School in DeKalb, Illinois. We are taking a class this summer on producing internet based projects for children, grades K-4. We have chosen the 1999 Caldecott Winning book "Snowflake Bentley." as our topic. We discovered your wonderful site while searching the net for info. We are planning to set up a link to your page for the children to read.

30 Jun 1999, Debbie Prellwitz

We have a small collection of lantern slides we believe to be copies of the Bentley snowflake lantern slides. What we would like to inquire is are you aware and can you advise any publication of listings of original and copy lantern slides so we can determine which we have?

15 Jun 1999, Tina V. Furtado, archivist

I love this site!! I have one of Duncan Blanchard's books. I am his great great niece. Agnes Bentley Whittemore was my grandmother. My sister sent me the book this last Christmas along with some of his photographs mounted in a frame.

Please let me know when you update this site. Thank You.

9 Jun 1999, Diane Whittemore Williams

If Wilson A. Bentley were alive today, I would marry him. :) Thank you for making this site so beautiful and wonderful. I visit regularly.

9 Jun 1999, Nikki

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You are doing a fine job in preserving Snowflake's work. Hopefully your site will open the eyes of another generation to the wonders that Snowflake wanted to share with us. I know it has mine.

It is only a pity I live in New Zealand, half a world away from your museum.

2 Jun 1999, Mike Crump

I am a snow flake fanatic and am currently taking a photography class. I am ecstatic to find a photographer specializing in the intricate beauty of snowflakes.

1 Jun 1999, Karin Stapleton

We have a small collection of snowflake lantern slides that I believe are Bentley's work. Could you please send us some information on this artist. Your website is quite informative. Also, how many other repositories have collections of his work that you are aware of. I wish I was closer so I could come and view your exhibit. Actually our library has had these for quite some time. The recent publication of the children's book Snowflake Bentley is what alerted us to the photographer. I may have to order a copy for the Archives. Are there any other sources published that you can advise? Any help is most appreciated.

25 May 1999, Tina V. Furtado

Having recently acquired access to the Internet, I was thrilled to be able to locate information on Bentley's photography. I first read about his work from the original 1930's book of photographs - a copy of which was owned by my landlord when I attended graduate school in New York state. When is a CD collection (mentioned on your website) going to be available?

24 May 1999, James Schaeffer

Please add me to your newsletter. I've been studying how snow crystals form, and I have a snow crystal web site at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/

22 May 1999, Ken Libbrecht

Mr. Bentley's story is wonderful and bittersweet. I found this Website after reading "Snowflake Bentley" with my children. The images are beautiful and inspiring, and I will be very interested in the CD-ROM. Please send me the newsletter. Thanks.

18 May 1999, Matt Mazza and Family

Hello, would you please be so kind as to send me, via email the Bentley newsletter "Snow Crystals" and also let me know when there are changes to this website.

I am a teacher-librarian in Vancouver B.C. and I've just finished reading "Snowflake Bentley" the 1998 Caldecott winner. During the summer I hope to work on a "Snow" theme unit for my school and this website will be one of the stations which will be used.

16 May 1999, Rob McGuinness

Please add me to the list for the Bentley newsletter. Your website is a great tribute to the beauty of snowflakes and a great man.

I work in the Snow Survey program of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, who measure snow in the Western US ( and are slowly spreading to the East). Our agency has been around since the 1930's measuring snow, so it is great to know there is historical snow organizations that keep people informed about the snow information, people and the way they looked at snow in the past. If you would like anything from me from the current "snow" science world, just email me! On a personal note, I came across a children's book about Snowflake Bentley for my family, and so was happy to see your web page!

10 May 1999, Jolyne Lea

Wonderful site. I would like to be added to your email newsletter list. A friend forwarded one to me and I enjoyed it very much.

10 May 1999, T. Woodbury

Thank you for the nice update. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the montage and, of course, Dunc's (Duncan Blanchard's) musings. I try to have Monday lunch with him and several others of the original Atmospheric Sciences Research Center "Lunch Bunch" (AKA The Curmudgeons), in Albany, NY. He muses there too. Great fun and intellectually stimulating.

I hope that in the CD and related works that will come from your efforts you somehow instill the adventure and hard work involved in doing science/art the Bentley way.

Come to think of it--perhaps a "Bentley Snowflake Field School" should be instituted wherein kids especially, but anyone willing to pay a modest fee could go to Jericho in January and photograph snowflakes in the time honored Bentley technique. Only cold fingers and snow down your back can bring out the true sense of what he accomplished. If you want to "cheat" a little, try capturing some snow crystals on a velvet plate and touch them with some of my late father's (Vincent J. Schaefer) plastic solution (Formvar) and take them inside for photomicrographic treatment. Either way it will impress upon the participant, in a unique way, the thrill and sweat of Bentley's accomplishments long ago. Cheers.

10 May 1999, Jim Schaefer

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I wanted to learn more about Mr. Bentley and found the information on your website. I really like the photographs of the beautiful snow crystals, also.

25 Apr 1999, Connor Brew

I own a timeshare at the Trapp Lodge in Stowe Vermont. I also teach Children's Literature at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. I will be going to Stowe on August 21, 1999. I can't wait to visit your museum.

21 Apr 1999, Julia C. Weidemann

I first read about Mr. Bentley and his snowflake pictures in Edwin Way Teale's book, Wandering Through Winter. And so I was glad to find your web site and its tribute to Mr. Bentley. I am writing and illustrating a nature book and would like to do three scratch board illustrations of Snow Crystals #01, 02 and 08. Would this be possible?

17 Apr 1999, Tom Todd

I am a born again Christian. I thank Mr. Bentley for helping people to see another one of god's wonderful creations. Mr. Bentley was a Master at his work. When I first saw his snowflakes in the book "Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Martin, I was in awe. His work, I believe, is a visual testimony to god's existence. After all, it doesn't make sense that this, true snowflake beauty, could have accidentally and randomly occurred. Thanks again Mr. Bentley.

16 Apr 1999, David Buckner

I found your website when I was searching for snowflakes, and I was struck with the beauty of the images. I am currently working on my own personal website (not a commercial website in any way, shape or form) and I wanted to ask if I could use one or two of the pictures you have on my site, with credit to Mr. Bentley and your site, including a link to your site.

My site is going to be designed around what gives the spirit happiness, and the images I saw were inspirational. I would like to share this with my friends and family. But I wanted to ask permission first. I don't want to make anyone mad. Thank you very much for your time.

12 Apr 1999, Katrinna Lynna Pint

Thank you for providing this website. I am an elementary school librarian in Huntsville, Alabama. We read "Snowflake Bentley" today in the library for the first time. Since it won the Caldecott Medal this year, it will be a staple in my curriculum. Thanks again!

7 Apr 1999, Liz Burns Glenn

I would like to be notified in the future of any additional samples or the availability of the snowflake compact disk.

6 Apr 1999, Emil Zyskowski

It's the first time I see such an interesting work.

2 Apr 1999, Maziere

Your beautiful web site saved the day: my daughter's Junior Girl Scout troop inadvertently neglected a snowflake-studying activity needed to earn their Frosty Fun badge until now, when even the remnants of the incredible 43-inch snowfall here in Rochester, NY have melted away. Thank you so very much for sharing Mr. Bentley's images with the world--they are indeed wondrous.

30 Mar 1999, Diane Hillman

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I would like to receive the SNOW CRYSTALS newsletter. Thank you.

30 Mar 1999, Jeremy Rendina

I'm an elementary school teacher who was introduced to Wilson Bentley by a colleague. I am absolutely fascinated with his work! The children at our school have been studying weather and have also become big fans of Snowflake Bentley. The slide show is a big hit in our school!

28 Mar 1999, Anne Sheehy

I am very interested in purchasing the CD of over 100 snowflake images ASAP in order to design my winter wedding invitations. Please contact when this becomes available, I hope by the summer. Thank You!!

23 Mar 1999, Laurel Ash

When my son was born last year, I wanted to start a nice collection of something for him. I decided that sterling and pewter snowflake ornaments would be really nice - they would not take much storage space, could be really "classy," each would be unique, and they would make a wonderful Christmas tree by themselves. I was delighted to type in "snowflakes" on my websearch and discover Snowflake Bentley. However, in the last month, you've redesigned your website and now I can't get to the page of information on how to order the snowflakes (and T-shirts). Can you help?

22 Mar 1999, Sally Nixon

Nature is surely beautiful no matter what view you take of it! This is a breathtaking website. Congratulations!

17 Mar 1999, Rene Savady

My name is Ivana Grubisic and I am a student of Anthropology at the University of Belgrade. Your site about snow crystals is really beautiful and I ask you to send me some more pictures of snow crystals, because I need them for seminary paper. In my country Yugoslavia I cannot found in any library book with pictures of snow flakes, so please help me you are my last chance. Please don't send me pictures of crystals from your site! Thank you very much, best regards Ivana Grubisic!

16 Mar 1999, Ivana Grubisic

What a wonderful place!

15 Mar 1999, Scott Scheidt

I have three original snowflake photos taken by Wilson Bentley and purchased by me at Camp Abnaki when I was a lad. They are approximately 2x2 and signed by Bentley on the back of the photo. Please advise where I can obtain appraisal and/or value of these photos. Thank You

13 Mar 1999, Walter Bell

E-mail any newsletters you can! I homeschool and you site has been very helpful!

12 Mar 1999, Linda Trudell

I am doing a science project on raindrop size using Mr. Bentley's method. Any information that could be sent either e-mail or postal mail would be of help. Thank you.

7 Mar 1999, Anne Price

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I was outside looking at snowflakes under the microscope with my daughter today. We decided to look on the Internet for more examples. Thanks for a very well presented site. I especially like the way that you have presented the twelve images. Coming from a usability specialist, I don't think you could have done a better job.

6 Mar 1999, Richard Porter

Great update of the site! I stumbled upon your site after "Snowflake Bentley" won the Caldecott Medal; I am a library media specialist from Connecticut and will be using some info from your site as part of my Caldecott medal unit with first graders. I've enjoyed the site very much and like the new info and improvements. I'm especially interested in any photos of W. A. B. you could add to the site.

3 Mar 1999, K. Nowak

Thanks for providing access to these beautiful photos. I like your site and the illustrations by Ms. Chaikin are very nice and add a nice handmade quality to the site.

3 Mar 1999, David Lustgarten

I am particularly interested in your website. Uncle Willie was my great uncle. My summers were spent in Vermont (I'm from Pittsburgh, PA) throughout my childhood. My grandmother Hunt (Amy Bentley Hunt) entertained me with stories constantly of Uncle Willie and his repeated frustrating attempts at trying to capture snowflakes. She was the niece that helped Uncle Willie with his work. I've decided in the past couple years that I need to do something in honor of my uncle. I realize that a recent children's book has been written. I called the author to compliment her on her work. I also see that Mr. Blanchard has just published a biography. I'm anxious to order a copy and read it.

25 Feb 1999, Elizabeth Palmer Fazzini

Its hard to believe something so small could be so intricate and beautiful! I hope you find some more! thank you.

25 Feb 1999, Frederick Rawlings

I am a Vermont native (Fairfax) and have been interested in Bentley's work since childhood.

21 Feb 1999, James M. Soule

Hi! I am very excited to see this web site! I have been a Snowflake Bentley fan for 3 years ever since I found "Snow Crystals" in the Hood River, Oregon Public Library. I was creating a winter ecology ski tour at the time and came up with the idea of making a "snowflake thermometer" as a fun way for people to see the different snowflake shapes that form at different temperatures. I cut out hundreds of the snowflakes and pasted them on to a rectangular strip of poster board along with a drawing of a thermometer. It certainly was stunning. I have subsequently made three others, just finishing my 4th yesterday where it is hanging in the Beaver Creek, Colorado Nordic Center. This time I pasted the flakes on a black background and it came out much better - quite elegant. I think Snowflake Bentley would be proud. I am proud to say that I am pretty much a native Vermonter myself.

20 Feb 1999, Dorothy A. Wallace-Senft

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Several years ago I purchased a book on Snowflake Bentley at the bookshop in Manchester. I really enjoyed reading it. Since than I had heard or read that someone found two alike snowflakes. do you have any information on this? Also, the Caldecott Award for children just awarded the book Snowflake Bentley as the best illustrated book for children in 1998.

20 Feb 1999, Edward Burnheter

What a gift to humanity! Snowflakes are marvelous. Thanks for all you do in keeping this story alive.

19 Feb 1999, Lorna Stoltzfus

I am reading,"The Snowflake Man" and love it. I became aware of the Bentley through a children's book called, 'Snowflake Bentley' published last year. It recently won an award for it's illustrations and that when I read about it. I grew up in Northern NY (St.Lawrence Co.)and now live in North Carolina, we miss the snow!

Anyway, I think Wilson Bentley was a fascinating man and I think your efforts to keep his work and memory alive are wonderful.

17 Feb 1999, Martha Vining

I didn't see the following title offered on your book list and wondered if you are aware of it's existence--"Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Illustrated by Mary Azarian. I ordered it for my children this winter and it is what prompted us to search for your web site. Thank you for sharing the marvelous photographs of the snowflakes.

16 Feb 1999, Susan Thompson

Thank you so much. I was looking for photos of snowflakes and came upon your fabulous site! I would be very interested in learning more about snowflakes!

14 Feb 1999, Jacquelyn London

What fun to reacquaint myself with Snowflake Bentley!

14 Feb 1999, Mary Kay Letsinger

LOVE your webpage. One of our teachers does this with her third grades. I can't wait to show the students.

14 Feb 1999, Bonnie Davis

Your sight is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the snowflake photos with our children at Hinkletown Mennonite School. We are reading the new Caldecott winner "Snowflake Bentley" and having the pictures to look at is perfect. Please let us know when you update the sight. Jan Landes, library media specialist Hinkletown Mennonite School, Ephrata.

14 Feb 1999, Jan Landes

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What BEAUTIFUL photographs! What a patient man! Another who was interested in snowflakes before his early death in the early 1890s was Gustaf Nordenskiöld of Stockholm, Sweden. Please notify me when you have updates! Thank you again for reminding me how creative Mother Nature is!

14 Feb 1999, Kathy Carlson

I find this site to be amazing. I've been planning to get a tattoo of a snowflake or two, and this site has given me some great ideas. I also enjoyed learning a bit about the man and his method behind these wonderful pictures.

10 Feb 1999, Steve Burr

The snowflake displays are FABULOUS!!! Thanks for doing this!!!

9 Feb 1999, Sandie Page

Thank you for your hard work. I haven't explored the site yet, but am looking forward to it.

7 Feb 1999, Donna Faith K-Brooks

This type of informative, educational and interesting site is exactly what the www needs more of. Keep up the exceptional effort.

7 Feb 1999, D.A.KROUT

In the 1950's, my father helped my sister do a science fair project on snowflakes, or crystals as we came to know them. It's a great family story. As a children's librarian, I came across the Snowflake Bentley book and ordered it for the children. What a great story and a great book.

The photos on your web page are beautiful.

28 Jan 1999, Judy Veris-Decker

Many of our students are studying Snowflake Bentley. What a neat site!

27 Jan 1999, Joan Havey

Thanks for the great site on Bentley and snowflakes. As you add images to the snow crystal display, could you add some of the other shapes such as needles, columns, dendrites, columns capped with plates? My daughter wanted to download images of the different shapes and has been unable to find any.

23 Jan 1999, Nancy McGhee

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As I look out my window there is lots of snow here in Minnesota. I have just been introduced to Mr. Bentley through the new children's book I'm seen in The Red Balloon Bookstore in St. Paul, Mn and I'm enchanted. What a wonderful life's work he left behind and what beauty. I commend you for your website and I look forward to finding the books you suggest and learning more about Mr. Bentley and his work. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

22 Jan 1999, Barbara Edstrom

Your web site was fun. I am a six year old girl.

21 Jan 1999, alyssa

We love your site, and refer our users to it regularly.

20 Jan 1999, Diana Starr

I just received the snowflake prints in the mail today. Thank you! They are just beautiful. I plan to have them framed and put in my classroom. My students were so excited. Can the book, Snow Crystals be purchased in bookstores? Again, thank you for the prints.

19 Jan 1999, Maggie McInnis

I teach second grade in Delaware.. any links or lessons that would enhance a unit on snow ...? This is a great site!

18 Jan 1999, karen hammer

I truly enjoyed looking through Wilson Bentley's collection of snowflakes. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to place such a beautify collection where I could enjoy it.

18 Jan 1999, Bill Maurer